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Who We Are:

 This site is owned and operated by Dr. Joseph V. Russo, MD,  He and a group of colleagues review medical textbooks that are related to their areas of expertise.

MedicalScienceBooks.com is a leading medical book review service, featuring books from all specialties of medicine, as well as other professional books including nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and many more.  Now, you can even shop for medical equipment from top names like Littman and McCoy.

  Medical advancements and community involvement are very important to us.  That's why a percentage of the proceeds from each sale are donated directly to Children's hospitals.

What do we have to offer?

  We want to make sure that you have a great experience when purchasing textbooks, equipment, and other resources.  at the same time, it's important that you have the tools to make informed decisions before rushing into a purchase.

Here are some things that we offer, that are unique to medical book stores:

  • Peer reviews.  We work with respected professionals from across the country to provide detailed and insightful reviews of medical texts.

  • Bulk pricing.  Do you have a large order?  Take advantage of our bulk order discounts.

  • A variety of products in one place.  In our store, we offer over 100,000 titles from over 350 publishers.  In addition, you can find equipment from major manufacturers like Littman and McCoy.

  • Updated list of continuing educational listings.  When you visit our store, you'll find helpful information about new conferences and other continuing education opportunities.

Buy from a knowledgeable source.

  MedicalScienceBooks.com has been providing free peer reviews for over 13 years.  We know medical books.  We know which ones are worth buying, and which ones you should wait on.  We know which ones are inclusive, well-researched, and worth your money.  It only makes sense to buy from a company that knows it's product.

  Because of partnerships with various publishers and distributors, we're also able to help you find the books and prices that suit you best.  Can't decide the best book to buy for a class?  Want to know the most inclusive text in a particular specialty?  Need a better price?  Interested in buying used books?  Just give us a call, or send us an email  and our knowledgeable team will get to work building your custom order.

Trust the experts at MedicalScienceBooks.com to help you find professional resources and have them delivered right to your home or clinic.


   We cannot be held responsible for your mistakes or misuse of any information found on our websites, or any problem resulting from your use of a suggested product, service, or publication.   Please do not interpret any information written on our site as medical advice.  We do not supply medical advice on our websites.  As always, consult your doctor with questions or concerns about your health. 





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