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General Cell Biology:  
Cell Biology:  A Laboratory Handbook 3rd Edition
ISBN:  0-12-164730-7
Academic Press/ Elsevier    2006
Cell Signaling:  
Signal Transduction and Human Disease
ISBN: 0-471-02011-7
Wiley     2003
Gene Therapy:  
Gene and Cell Therapy
ISBN: 0824741048
Marcel Dekker   2004
Human Tumor Cell Culture:  
Culture of Specialized Cells
ISBN: 0-471-43853-7
Wiley     2003
Molecular and Cellular Exercise Physiology
Molecular and Cellular Exercise Physiology
ISBN: 0-7360-4518-X
Human Kinetics    2005
Reproductive Medicine:  
Biology and Pathology of the Oocyte
ISBN: 0-521-79958-9
Cambridge University Press     2003
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