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Testosterone:  Action, Deficiency, Substitution 3rd Edition
ISBN: 0-521-83380-9
Cambridge University Press     2004
Endocrinology (General):  
Endocrinology: 3-volume set
Authors:  Leslie DeGroot MD, J. Larry Tameson, MD, PhD
ISBN: 0-7216-0376-9
Elsevier, Saunders
Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes
ISBN: 0-470-85733-1
Wiley    2005
A Practical Manual of Diabetic Footcare
ISBN: 1-4051-0715-4
Blackwell Publishing     2004
Slide Atlas of Diabetes
ISBN: 1-4051-2618-3
Blackwell     2005
Staged Diabetes Management
ISBN: 0-470-86576-8
Wiley     2004
Gastrointestinal Function in Diabetes Mellitus
ISBN: 0-471-89916-X
Wiley     2004
Textbook of Diabetic Neuropathy
ISBN: 1-58890-005-3
Theime   2003
International Textbook of Diabetes Mellitus 3rd Edition
ISBN:  0-471-48655-8
Wiley    2004
Diagnosis and Management of Type 2 Diabetes 5th Edition
ISBN: 1-884735-75-4
Professional Communications Inc.     2002
Obesity & Diabetes
ISBN: 0-470-84898-7
Wiley   2004
Textbook of Diabetes

Blackwell Publishing  2002
Medical Management of Diabetes and Heart Disease
Marcel Dekker  2002
Insulin Resistance:  
Insulin Resistance
ISBN: 0-470-85008-6
Wiley    2005
Handbook of Obesity 2-Vol Set  2nd Edition
ISBN:  0-8247-4778-X
Marcel Dekker     2004
Treating and Preventing Obesity:  An Evidence Based Review
ISBN: 3-527-30818-0
Wiley     2004
Obesity & Diabetes
ISBN: 0-470-84898-7
Wiley   2004
Obesity:  Etiology, Assessment, Treatment, and Prevention
ISBN: 0736003282
Human Kinetics  2003
Thyroid Disease:
Medical Management of Thyroid Disease
Editor: David S. Cooper
Pages: 418Hardcover
ISBN: 0-8247-0515-7
Marcel Dekker,  2001
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