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General Immunology:
Alphaherpesviruses: Molecular Virology
Editor: Sandra K. Weller
ISBN 13: 978-1-924455-76-9
Caister Press
List Price: $360.00   448 Pages  Hard Cover 

Fatal Sequence: The Killer Within
ISBN: 1-932594-09-4
Dana Press    

The Autoimmune Diseases 4th Edition
ISBN:  0-12-595961-3
Academic Press/ Elsevier   

Immunology:  A Short Course 5th Edition
ISBN: 0-471-22689-0

Primer to The Immune Response   Academic Cell Update
ISBN 13:978-0-12-384743-0
Academic Press/ Elsevier 2011

New Generation Vaccines 3rd Edition
ISBN: 0-8247-4071-8
Marcel Dekker    

Immunology, Infection, and Immunity
ISBN: 1-55581-246-5
ASM Press    

Novel Vaccination Strategies
Editor:  Stefan H. E. Kaufmann
Pages:  670   Hard Cover
ISBN: 3-527-30523-8

Salmonella: From Genome to Function
Editor: Steffen Porwollik
ISBN 13:
Caister Press
List Price: $319.00   300 Pages  Hard Cover 

Vaccine Design:  Innovative Approaches and Novel Strategies
Editors: Rino Rappuoli and Fabio Bagnoli
ISBN 13: 978-1-904455-74-5
Caister Press
List Price: $360.00   382 Pages  Hard Cover 

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