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Anatomic Basis of Neurologic Diagnosis
ISBN: 9780865779761
Thieme  2009

Greenfield's Neuropathology, 8th edition
ISBN13: 9780340906828
ISBN10: 0340906820

Oxford University Press

Basic Neurochemistry:  Molecular, Cellular, and Medical Aspects 7th Edition
ISBN:  012088397X
Academic Press/ Elsevier   

Anatomic Basis of Neurologic Diagnosis
ISBN: 9780865779761
Thieme  2009

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Brain and Spine
ISBN 10: 0-7817-6985-x
ISBN 13: 978-0-7817-6985-3
Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins    2008

Molecular Neuropharmacology: A Foundation for Clinical Neuroscience, 2nd edition
Author:  Eric J. Lestler, Steven E. Hyman, Robert Malenka
Soft Cover
ISBN:0071481273 / 9780071481274
Mcgraw Hill

Tutorial on Neural Systems Modeling
By: Thomas J. Anastasio
Pages: 542   Hard
Sinauer  2010


A Case a Week: Sleep Disorders From the Cleveland Clinic
Edited By: Nancy Foldvary-Schaefer, Jyoti Krishna, and Kumar Budur
Pages: 410   Hard Cover
Oxford University Press 2011

Caplan's Stroke: A Clinical Approach
Author:  Louis R. Caplan
Pages:  656  Hard Cover
ISBN 13:
Elsevier/ Saunders   2010

Development of the Nervous System 3rd Edition
ISBN:  978-0-12-374539-2
Academic Press/ Elsevier    2011

Fundamentals of Cognitive Neuroscience: A Beginner's Guide
Authors: Bernard J. Baars and Nicole M. Gage
ISBN 13:
Academic Press/ Elsevier
List Price: $59.95  Soft Cover

Author: David W. McCandless
Pages:  286  Hard Cover
ISBN 13:
Humana Press   2011

Intracranial Aneurysm Surgery: Basic Principles and Techniques
Authors: Duke. S. Samson, H. Hunt Batjer, Jonathan White, J. Talmadge Trammell, and Christopher S. Eddleman
ISBN 13:
List Price: $74.99  Soft Cover 203 pages

Movement Disorders in Childhood, Expert Consult
ISBN 13:
Saunders/ Elsevier   2011

Movement Disorders 4: Blue Books of Neurology Series, Volume 34
ISBN: 978-1-4160-6641-5
Elsevier/ Saunders Ltd.   2010

Multiple Sclerosis Therapeutics, Fourth Edition
Editors: Jeffrey A. Cohen and Richard A. Rudick
ISBN 13:
Cambridge University Press 2012  Hard Cover

Multiple Sclerosis 3: Blue Books of Neurology Series Volume 34
Editors: Claudia F. Lucchinetti and Reinhard Hohlfeld
Pages:  463  Hard Cover
ISBN 13:
Elsevier/ Saunders 2011

Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury
Edited by: Vicki Anderson and Keith Owen Yeates
Pages: 235 Hard Cover
Cambridge University Press 2010

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