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Professional Development:    
A Career Companion to Becoming a GP: Developing and Shaping Your Career
Edited by: Patrick Hutt and Sophie Park
ISBN 13:
Radcliffe Publishing 2011     182 Pages  Soft Cover

Challenges and Solutions: Narratives of Patient-Centered Care
Editors: Judith Belle Brown, Tanya Thornton, and Moira Stewart
ISBN 13:
Radcliffe Publishing 2012     211 Pages  Soft Cover

Developing Clinicians' Career Pathways in Narrative and Relationship-Centered Care: Footprints of Clinician Pioneers
Authors: John D. Engel, Lura L. Pethtel and Joseph Zarconi
ISBN 13:
Radcliffe Publishing 2012     273 Pages  Soft Cover

Essential Skills for Influencing in Healthcare: A Guide on How to Influence Others with Integrity and Success
Authors: Andrew Price and Andrew Scowcroft
ISBN 13:
Radcliffe Publishing 2012     155 Pages  Soft Cover

Medical Leadership: From the Dark Side to Centre Stage
Authors: Peter Spurgeon, John Clark and Chris Ham
ISBN 13:
Radcliffe Publishing 2011     139 Pages  Soft Cover

The Good CPT Guide: A Practical guide to Managed Continuing Professional Development in Medicine, 2nd Edition
Author:  Janet Grant
ISBN 13:
Radcliffe Publishing 2012     179 Pages  Soft Cover


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