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Arthritis in Black & White, 3rd Edition
Authors: Anne C. Brower and Donald J. Flemming
ISBN 13:
Elsevier/ Saunders
List Price: $129.00   402 Pages  Hard Cover  with Expert Consult Online Access
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   MedicalScienceBooks.com Medical Book Review:

     Arthritis in Black & White 3rd Edition is a radiology book unlike most others.  Its uniqueness isnít due to the fact that it solely focuses on the arthropathies although only a handful of books take on such a narrow perspective.  It offers the reader something different in the plain manner in which it treats its subject and thus makes itself accessible to the non-radiologist who does not have the same mastery of imaging interpretation as the specialist.  This is also an ideal text for the upper class medical student, possibly interested in orthopedics, rheumatology or even general internal medicine to begin to advance their skills in interpretation beyond the chest radiographs that are often taught at this stage as well. After all, the conditions described in this book are among the most common seen in the elderly population as well as younger patients suffering from a variety of autoimmune conditions.

     The authors clearly state in the preface that their intent was not to produce a comprehensive volume on every conceivable presentation of arthritis and related radiographic findings.  They set out instead to highlight the most common presentations and the first steps of the diagnostic pathway which involves x-ray, ultrasound, and CT or MRI studies to confirm the suggestion of disease from history and physical examination.  Despite this disclaimer, they have still managed to include images representing quite a diverse range of conditions.  This includes both more commonly encountered cases of osteoarthritis as well as detecting some characteristic features of neuropathic osteoarthropathy in patients with diabetes.

     All major body regions are considered with separate chapters describing general approaches to the knee, hip, shoulder, etc.  The reader will learn both radiological signs that aid in accurate diagnosis as well as selected differential diagnosis information for several of the findings.  The clinical analysis skills that this promotes are important to the generalist who will not need to be completely reliant on a radiologist interpretation, particularly in those cases that are not complicated by unusual presentations.  There is a good selection of images and those images are of high quality which reproduced well in print.  The figure legends that accompany the images are particularly descriptive and serve as excellent summaries of the concise text within the chapters.  Although it may seem elementary for a radiology title, it is worth noting that the arrows used to draw the readerís attention to specific findings are sufficiently contrasted and noticeable, making it easy to follow.  Too often, this is not the case in radiology texts and therefore a majority of the teaching points are lost to poor copyediting. 

       Arthritis in Black & White 3rd Edition makes for a useful addition to the radiology literature.  Both trainees and practicing professionals will find value in reading its pages.  It may not suit the needs of the busy radiologist interpreting more complex cases, but it will raise the confidence level of any general practitioner.

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Organization of information: 9
Significant number of illustrations: 8
Suitable for intended audience: 10
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Quality of illustrations: 9
Usefulness of book:   9
Value: 8
Writing style: 8


Arthritis in Black and White, by Anne C. Brower, MD and Donald J. Flemming, MD, provides you with a concise, practical introduction to the radiographic diagnosis of arthritic disorders. Completely revised, this popular, easy-to-read resource contains high-quality digital radiographs with correlating MRIs throughout and a practical organization that aids in your recognition, diagnosis, and treatment of common arthritides. In print and online at www.expertconsult.com, it is perfect for residents in training and experienced radiologists wishing to refresh their knowledge.

New to this edition:

    • Improve the accuracy of your diagnoses by interpreting radiographs and comparing them with correlating MRI images.
    • Benefit from the latest advancements and techniques found in completely revised and rewritten chapters.
    • Understand the nuances and subtleties of how arthritides present through over 350 high-quality digital images.
    • Access the fully searchable text online at www.expertconsult.com, along with a downloadable image bank and more.

Key Features:

    • Easily reference diagnostic guidance by presenting symptom, see what to look for, and understand how to effectively diagnose the patient.

    Reference key information quickly and easily thanks to a consistent, user-friendly format and a unique two-part organization (radiologic approaches to specific joints and full description of the individual common arthritides) that facilitates finding the exact information you need for any joint in the body.

Table of Contents:

Imaging Techniques and Modalities.

Part I: Approach to Radiographic Changes Observed in a Specific Joint. Evaluation of the Hand Film.

Approach to the Hip.

Approach to the Knee.

Approach to the Shoulder.

The Sacroiliac Joint.

The "Phytes" of the Spine.

Part II: Radiographic Changes Observed in a Specific Articular Disease.

Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Osoriatic Arthritis.

Reiter's Disease.

Ankylosing Spondylitis.


Neuropathic Osteoarthropaty.

Diffuse Isiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis (DISH).


Calcium Pyrophospate Dihydrate (CPPD)

Crystal Deposition Disease.

Hydroxyapatite Deposition Disease (HADD).

Miscellaneous Deposition Diseases.

Collagen Vascular Diseases (Connective Tissue Diseases).

Juvenile Chronic Arthritis.



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