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Cases in Interventional Cardiology
Authors:  Michael Ragosta, MD, FACC
Pages:  352   Hard Cover with Expert Consult Online Content
ISBN 13:
Saunders/ Elsevier   2011
List Price:  $99.95

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MedicalScienceBooks.com Medical Book Review:

There are a variety of popular titles in each specialty of medicine which are aimed at the instruction of trainees or used by more accomplished clinicians as means of reviewing the processes by which they go about diagnosing complex clinical presentations.  Cases in Interventional Cardiology is of this genre of medical text which takes the perspective of specific patient presentations and laboratory data as a means of introducing specialized techniques and treatment approaches.
     The core of this text revolves around 60 patient case histories which represent varying degrees of interventional complexity and often are illustrative of the shortcomings of percutaneous methods pointing toward the need for revascularization.  Each patient presentation is complete with a brief description of the patient and their relevant medical history.  Included in the presentation are multiple images acquired through angiography which clearly illustrate the pathologies being highlighted in the case.  The reader is able to follow along with the treatment options chosen for the patient and a short follow-up section relays the patientís outcome following the procedure.  Finally, there is a discussion section in which the author brings out the major clinically relevant issues and lessons that can be gleaned from the case.  A useful feature of the case presentations and discussions in this text are that they are largely the efforts of a single author who is a leading expert in interventional cardiology strategies.  This allows for an easy flow of information and the reader can begin to pick up on both some of the general patterns and nuances of interpreting angiograms and developing treatment strategies
     Cases in Interventional Cardiology is a highly recommended text for cardiology fellows and those interventionists in charge of training programs as these cases make for excellent additions to grand rounds conferences. 

Ratings (1-4 , 4 being the highest):

Organization of information:    4

Usefulness of book:     4

Suitable for intended audience:    4

Authorís objectives met:      4

Significant number of illustrations:     4

Quality of illustrations:    4


Cases in Interventional Cardiology, by Dr. Michael Ragosta, offers practical, clinical guidance on coronary and peripheral interventional cardiology through 100 well-presented case histories. Brief clinical presentations, representative illustrations, and dynamic online videos of angiograms, aortograms, and intravascular echos optimize your understanding of these procedures and help you better recognize and manage a wide array of conditions. You'll find valuable advice on patient selection, complications, complex lesion subsets, management dilemma controversies, and much more. Through expertconsult.com you'll have convenient access to the full text, illustrations, and videos online.

Key Features:

  • Access the fully searchable text online at expertconsult.com and view videos of the angiograms, aortograms, and intravascular echos relevant to each case.
  • See how to manage a wide range of coronary lesions via 100 case studies illustrating a wide range of clinical scenarios you may experience.
  • Get unparalleled visual guidance with high-quality clinical images that help you recognize the characteristic appearance of coronary and peripheral lesions.
  • Improve patient care with advice on patient selection, complications, complex lesion subsets, management dilemma controversies, and more
  • Find what you need quickly thanks to a practical, consistent chapter-to-chapter format.


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