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Chest Radiology, The Essentials- Second Edition
Authors:  Jannette Collins, MD, MEd, FCCP and Eric J. Stern, MD
Pages: 432    Hard Cover      *1104 Illustrations!*
ISBN:  978-0-7817-6314-1
Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins/ Wolters Kluwer   Fall, 2007
List Price:  $99.00

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From the Publisher:  

Revised to reflect the current cardiothoracic radiology curriculum for diagnostic radiology residency, this concise text provides the essential knowledge needed to interpret chest radiographs and CT scans. This edition includes nearly 800 new images obtained with state-of-the-art technology and a new chapter on cardiac imaging.

A new patterns of lung disease section provides a one-stop guide to recognizing and understanding findings seen on thin-section CT. This edition also includes the new classification of idiopathic interstitial pneumonias, current techniques for evaluating solitary pulmonary nodules, an algorithm for managing incidental nodules seen on chest CT, the new World Health Organization classification of lung tumors, and numerous new cases in the self-assessment chapter.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 Normal Anatomy of the Chest

Chapter 2 Signs and Patterns of Lung Disease

Chapter 3 Interstitial Lung Disease

Chapter 4 Alveolar Lung Disease

Chapter 5 Monitoring and Support Devices: "Tubes and Lines"

Chapter 6 Mediastinal Masses

Chapter 7 Solitary and Multiple Pulmonary Nodules

Chapter 8 Chest Trauma

Chapter 9 Pleura, Chest Wall and Diaphragm

Chapter 10 Upper Lung Disease, Infection and Immunity

Chapter 11 Atelectasis

Chapter 12 Peripheral Lung Disease

Chapter 13 Airways

Chapter 14 Unilateral Hyperlucent Hemithorax

Chapter 15 Neoplasms of the Lung

Chapter 16 Congenital Lung Disease

Chapter 17 Pulmonary Vasculature Disease

Chapter 18 Congenital and Acquired Cardiac Disease

Chapter 19 Thoracic Aorta

Chapter 20 Self-Assessment


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