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The provision of anesthesia during childbirth still generates considerable debate; opinions vary widely within the obstetric anesthesia community over issues such as the effect of anesthetic drugs on the fetal brain and the choice between different epidural techniques. Controversies in Obstetric Anesthesia and Analgesia debates these and other clinical management controversies encountered in daily practice, providing practical advice on how to manage each clinical problem. This concise, practical text is designed to provide rapid access to key information on both diagnosis and treatment, presenting each side of the debate in a clear discussion. Key references and suggestions for further reading are also provided. Written by a team of international practitioners working with and caring for high risk obstetric patients, Controversies in Obstetric Anesthesia and Analgesia is an invaluable resource for trainees and practitioners in anesthesia, obstetrics and critical care medicine.


Key Features

• Debates current controversies in obstetric anesthesia
• Concise volume designed to provide rapid access to key information
• Written by a team of international practitioners working with and caring for high risk obstetric patients


Table of Contents:

Preface D. Cheng
1. Substance abuse in pregnancy A. Schwartz and N. Imasogie
2. Cardiac disease in pregnancy S. Singh, A. Dhir and R. Lavi
3. Hemodynamic management of pre-eclampsia and eclampsia A. Hards and M. Balki
4. Management of major obstetric hemorrhage A. Wise and V. Clark
5. Anesthetic drugs and the developing fetal brain A. Gauthier and C. Bradbury
6. Ultrasound guidance for epidural anesthesia M. Kynoch, K. Rao, M. Hasan and N. Robinson
7. Combined spinal-epidural anesthesia and continuous spinal anesthesia M. Silva Restrepo and S. Halpern
8. Coagulation and regional anesthesia S. Morrison and A. Al-Areibi
9. Air vs. normal saline for the loss of resistance technique during epidural insertion A. Hinova and R. Fernando
10. Ambulatory and patient controlled epidural analgesia M. Gros and B. J. Morrell
11. Hypotension following spinal anesthesia C. Delbridge and I. McConachie
12. Prevention and management of post dural puncture headache L. Wakely and S. Singh
13. Epidurals and outcome C. Miron, C. Bradbury and S. Singh
14. Epidural and intrathecal opiates and outcome P. Batohi and J. Parkin
15. Remifentanil infusions and PCA P. Foley and D. Hill
16. Nitrous oxide R. Smith and I. McConachie
17. Fasting and aspiration prophylaxis in labour and for Cesarean section K. Teague and S. Dhir
18. Controversies surrounding airway management and Cesarean delivery P. Kuszewski and P. Armstrong
19. Oxygen supplementation for Cesarean section K. Marmai and I. McConachie
20. Oxytocin use and dosage during Cesarean section J. Racine and I. McConachie
21. Analgesia post Cesarean section T. Quach, S. Singh and G. Bellingham

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