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Developing Services in Mental Health- Substance Use
Editor: David B. Cooper
Pages:  219   Soft Cover
ISBN 13:
Radcliffe 2011
List Price:  $48.00

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Value: 9
Writing style: 8

Description (From Publisher):

Mental health–substance use is a complex interrelation, with equally complex implications for individuals and their families, health professionals and society. Although its international recognition as an issue of critical importance is growing, clear guidance for professionals on mental health–substance use and its treatment is hard to find.

The Mental Health–Substance Use series addresses this need, concentrating on concerns, dilemmas and concepts that impact on the life and well-being of affected individuals and those close to them, and the future direction of practice, education, research, services, interventions, and treatment. Having set the scene with the first book’s Introduction, this second book in the series tackles service development: how to evaluate the current state from a firm knowledge base, plan and manage change to provide better services, and continue monitoring and evaluating them on an ongoing basis.

The volumes in this series are designed to challenge concepts and stimulate debate, exploring all aspects of the development in treatment, intervention and care responses, and the adoption of research-led best practice. They are essential reading for mental health and substance use professionals, students and educators.

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bullet Setting the scene

bullet Historical policy context of mental health-substance use

bullet Epidemiological issues in mental health-substance use: a case for life course approach to chronic disease epidemiology

bullet National mental health development unit - an English perspective

bullet Severe mental health and substance use: developing integrated services - a UK perspective

bullet An Australian rural service system’s journey towards systemic mental health-substance use capability

bullet Developing and evaluating innovative community programme

bullet Guidelines for working with mental health-substance use

bullet Strategy development, model policy and procedures

bullet The implications of workplace stress on service development

bullet Team working

bullet Communication: the essence of good practice, management and leadership

bullet Spirituality, mental health-substance use

bullet Sexuality, mental health-substance use

bullet Mental health in the UK: the legal dimension

bullet Useful chapters

bullet Useful contacts


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