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Eye Pathology: An Atlas and Text, Second Edition
Author: Ralph C. Eagle, JR, MD
ISBN 13:
Wolters Kluwer Health/ Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins
List Price: $152.95  Hard Cover  310 Pages
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MedicalScienceBooks.com Medical Book Review:

     How successful can yet another atlas of the eye be in a seemingly flooded Ophthalmology book market?  The answer to that question depends, as always, on the quality and selection of histological and pathological digital photos and photomicrograms.  It also depends in large measure on whether the text contains enough clinical information for the busy practicing ophthalmologist/ optometrist.  Within this context,  Eye Pathology: An Atlas and Text is a solid addition to the eye atlas literature. 

     In terms of its appeal for use as an atlas, the quality of the images in this text are arguably the best currently available dealing with ocular pathology.  The histological sections are exquisitely detailed as well as the many fundoscopic images.   Additionally it is quite comprehensive in scope, despite being just over 300 pages in length. 

     As a text, it fits the needs of those in need of a short reference covering a wide variety of eye pathology.  It is not a complete substitute for a more detailed pathology text on the eye, but it is far more descriptive than a typical atlas.  A major advantage to this is that if one were interested in surveying the entire field of ocular pathology, this book could easily be covered in the matter of a few weeks.  It also is an excellent choice as a companion volume for a larger and more comprehensive general ophthalmology text.

     This text is recommended for practicing eye care professionals in need of a quick reference and students interested in learning more about the eye.  For those preparing for the boards, the included website with text, images, and review questions will be particularly helpful.



Eye Pathology: An Atlas and Text is a basic introduction to eye pathology that can be read and mastered during an ophthalmic pathology rotation. In addition, it will serve as a well-illustrated resource for residents who are studying for the OKAP examinations or Board certification in ophthalmology. Completely written and illustrated by Dr. Eagle, this single-author text is primarily designed for ophthalmology residents and the comprehensive ophthalmologist not looking for a comprehensive text on the subject.

New Edition Features:

  • NEW: Accompanying website with interactive Q&A—great for board preparation
  • NEW: New short introductory chapter on anatomy and histology provides context for clinical chapters
  • NEW: Significant updates to text to reflect new advances and developments in this field
  • Author is world-renowned for his work in this field
  • Copiously illustrated with over 600 full-color figures
  • Text is short, succinct, and factually rich

Table of Contents:



Chapter 1: An Introduction to Ocular Anatomy and Histology
Chapter 2: Congenital and Developmental Anomalies
Chapter 3: Inflammation
Chapter 4: Ocular Trauma
Chapter 5: Conjunctiva
Chapter 6: Cornea and Sclera
Chapter 7: The Lens
Chapter 8: Glaucoma
Chapter 9: Retina
Chapter 10: Vitreous
Chapter 11: Intraocular Tumors in Adults
Chapter 12: Retinoblastoma and Simulating Lesions
Chapter 13: The Eyelid and Lacrimal Drainage System
Chapter 14: Orbit
Chapter 15: Optic Nerve
Chapter 16: Laboratory Techniques, Special Stains, and Immunohistochemistry



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