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Fundamentals of Nursing, Second Edition (2-Volume Set)
Authors: Judith M. Wilkinson and Leslie S. Treas
ISBN 13:
FA Davis
List Price: $106.00  Hard Cover, Soft Cover Combo 2 volume set with FREE cd-rom study guide  310 Pages
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MedicalScienceBooks.com Nursing Book Review:

Fundamentals of Nursing, 2nd Edition is an absolute must-have title for nursing students, and is required text at many schools across the country.  There are some very good reasons for this.  For one thing, the book is written in a conversational style, which means that students can more easily absorb the vast amount of material, and thus get higher scores with less study time.  Also, the authors took into consideration the various needs and learning styles of students, creating over 1400 photos and diagrams for visual learners, podcasts of various auscultatory sounds (on cd-rom) as well as knowledge checks and self-test questions following each chapter.  

Included in this package are two large volumes, one hard cover text book, one very concise, well illustrated soft cover, free electronic study guide on cd-rom, and access to online resources at DavisPlus http://davisplus.fadavis.com (keyword: Wilkinson)

Some reviewers on other sites have mentioned that the book is advertised as hard cover while only Volume 1 is hard cover.  We decided to mention and explain this in our review, since we believe this was done to help the reader, not just to save money on publishing costs.  Volume 1 was made as a hard cover, because this will probably be used the most, as it is intended as a classroom text.  Volume 2 is intended to be primarily a lab and clinical manual, where a soft cover might be easier to use.  The cd-rom is also safely tucked inside the cover of Volume 1.

Students are always concerned about the cost of textbooks.  Thankfully, at around $100 Fundamentals of Nursing 2nd Edition is also very affordably priced.

Ratings (1-4 , 4 being the highest):

Organization of information:    3

Usefulness of book:     4

Suitable for intended audience:    4

Author’s objectives met:      4

Significant number of illustrations:     4

Quality of illustrations:    4



Teaching students to begin to “think like a nurse” from the very first day…

Fundamentals of Nursing, 2nd Edition is a groundbreaking, two-volume text written in a student friendly, conversational style. It is the only text designed the way fundamentals is actually taught. Volume 1 covers the theoretical knowledge taught in class, and Volume 2 covers the practical knowledge taught in lab.

NEW to this Edition

  • Increased emphasis on safety • evidence-based practice • and gerontology.
  • Step-by-step procedures that now include “What if…” sections • documentation guidelines with both written and electronic examples • references to evidence-based guidelines •  and “Thinking About the Procedure” questions.
  • Knowledge Maps • Applying the Full-Spectrum Nursing Model • Critical-Thinking and Reasoning questions at the end of each chapter in Volume 2.
  • Plus, much more!


Outstanding Features

  • “Meet Your Patient” case studies in Volume 1 and “Caring for the Garcias” multi-cultural, lifespan case studies in Volume 2.
  • Knowledge Checks and Critical-Thinking questions throughout Volume 1.
  • Critical Aspects boxes in Volume 1 highlight the most important steps of each procedure in Volume 2.
  • Care Plans and Care Maps • Toward Evidence-Based Practice questions • Clinical Insight boxes • Diagnostic Test boxes • and more!


Electronic Study Guide (Mac & PC Compatible)

  • Printable and customizable procedure checklists.
  • IQ Student Question Bank.
  • Heart, lung, blood pressure, and bowel sounds.
  • Printable NANDA, NIC and NOC sheets
  • Resources for each chapter…
    • Mastery Questions
    • Documentation Exercises
    • Care Plans
    • Care Maps
    • Knowledge Maps
    • Supplemental material
    • Individual response sheets for questions in the book
    • Answer sheets for Knowledge Check, Toward Evidence-Base Practice, and Mastery Exercise questions.
  • Expanded Chapter 9: Growth & Development through the Life Span
  • Bonus Chapter 46: Canadian Healthcare Delivery System

Table of Contents:

For each chapter in Volume 1 there is a corresponding chapter in Volume 2.
    1. The Evolution of Nursing Thought & Action
    2. Critical Thinking and the Nursing Process
    3. Nursing Process: Assessment
    4. Nursing Process: Diagnosis
    5. Nursing Process: Planning Outcomes
    6. Nursing Process: Planning Interventions
    7. Nursing Process: Implementation and Evaluation
    8. Nursing Theory and Nursing Research
    1. Growth and Development through the Lifespan
    2. Experiencing Health & Illness
    3. Psychosocial Health & Illness
    4. The Family
    5. Culture and Ethnicity
    6. Spirituality
    7. Loss, Grief, & Dying Health Assessment: Physical Examination
    1. Documenting and Reporting
    2. Measuring Vital Signs
    3. Communicating & the Therapeutic Relationship
    4. Health Assessment: Performing a Physical Examination
    5. Promoting Asepsis & Preventing Infection
    6. Promoting Safety
    7. Facilitating Hygiene
    8. Administering Medications
    9. Teaching Clients
    1. Stress and Adaptation
    2. Nutrition
    3. Urinary Elimination
    4. Bowel Elimination
    5. Sensory Perception
    6. Pain Management
    7. Activity/Exercise
    8. Sexual Health
    9. Sleep & Rest
    10. Skin Integrity & Wound Healing
    11. Oxygenation
    12. Fluid/Electrolytes and Acid/Base Balance
    13. Perioperative Care
    1. Leading and Managing
    2. Nursing Informatics
    3. Holistic Healing
    4. Promoting Wellness
    1. Community Nursing
    2. Nursing in Home Care
    3. Ethics & Values
    4. Legal Issues
    5. Canadian Health Care Delivery System


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