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Gastrointestinal Function in Diabetes Mellitus
Editors:  Michael Horowitz & Melvin Samson
Pages:  364   Hard Cover
ISBN: 047189916X
Wiley     2004
List Price:  $110.00

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1.     Epidemiology of Disordered Gastrointestinal Function and Impact of Chronic Gastrointestinal Symptoms on Quality of Life

Chapter 2.     Effects of Diabetes Mellitus on Gastrointestinal Function in Animal Models

Chapter 3.     Esophogeal Function

Chapter 4.     Gastric Function

Chapter 5.     Intestinal Function

Chapter 6.     Anorectal Function

Chapter 7.     Hepato-Biliary and Pancreatic Function

Chapter 8.     Impact of Gastrointestinal Function on Glycemic Control

Chapter 9.     Evaluation of Gastrointestinal Autonomic Function


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