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Guide to the Psychiatry of Old Age
Authors:  David Ames, Edmond Chiu, James Lindesay and Kenneth I. Schulman
Pages:  141   Soft Cover
ISBN 13:
Cambridge University Press   2010
List Price:  $49.99

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Organization of information:    4

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With rapid ageing of the world's population, psychiatry of old age has become a crucial discipline. This succinct guide to the scope and practice of the psychiatry of old age provides an up-to-date summary of existing knowledge, best practice and future challenges for the specialty, from a global perspective. From definitions and demography to epidemiology, aetiology, and principles of assessment, diagnosis and management, each chapter is sharp, clear and practical, enhanced by tables and diagrams for quick assimilation and reference on the ward or in the clinic. As well as the main psychiatric conditions encountered in old age, coverage also includes legal and ethical issues, and the neglected topic of alcohol and drug abuse in the elderly. Written by leading clinicians, teachers and researchers and offering a much-needed international focus, this compact guide is essential reading for practising psychiatrists and geriatricians, as well as trainees, nurses and medical students.


• Compact guide, providing an accessible and affordable review of all main topics in the psychiatry of old age
• Written by a small team of international experts, for specialists and trainees in both developed and developing countries
• Endorsed by the International Psychogeriatric Association

Table of Contents:

1. What is the psychiatry of old age and why do we need it?
2. Assessing the elderly psychiatric patient
3. Differential diagnosis – the 3 Ds
4. The dementias
5. Behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia
6. Delirium
7. Mood disorders in late life
8. Schizophrenia and related disorders in late life
9. Neurotic and personality disorders
10. Substance abuse and iatrogenesis in late life
11. Services for older patients with psychiatric disorders
12. The future of the psychiatry of old age

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