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Mental health–substance use is a complex interrelation, with equally complex implications for individuals and their families, health professionals and society. Although its international recognition as an issue of critical importance is growing, clear guidance for professionals on mental health–substance use and its treatment is hard to find.

The Mental Health–Substance Use series has been written to address this need, concentrating on concerns, dilemmas and concepts that impact on the life and well-being of affected individuals and those close to them, and the future direction of practice, education, research, services, interventions, and treatment. This first book outlines the specific health issues, experiential aspects, treatment options and wider implications of mental health–substance use, as well as defining the field, through contributions from international experts and practitioners.

This Introduction and the subsequent volumes will challenge concepts and stimulate debate, exploring all aspects of the development in treatment, intervention and care responses, and the adoption of research-led best practice. They are essential reading for mental health and substance use professionals, students and educators.


Table of Contents:

bullet Setting the scene

bullet Learning to Learn

bullet What is in a name?

bullet The search for appropriate and consistent terminology

bullet The mental health-substance use journey

bullet A matter of human rights: people’s right to health care for mental health-substance use

bullet The importance of physical health assessment

bullet The experience of illness

bullet The psychological impact of serious illness

bullet Working with people with mental health-substance use

bullet Skills, capabilities and professional development: a response framework for mental health-substance use

bullet Attitudes and brief training intervention: a practical approach

bullet Ethics: mental health-substance use

bullet Brain injury, mental health-substance use – Christ Holmwood

bullet Heatwave, mental health-substance use


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