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Manual of Gender Dermatology
Editors: Lawrence Charles Parish, Sarah Brenner, Marcia Ramos-e-Silva, and Jennifer L. Parish
ISBN 13:
Jones & Bartlett Learning
List Price: $79.95  Hard Cover  273 Pages
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Ratings (1-4 , 4 being the highest):

Organization of information:    3

Usefulness of book:     3

Suitable for intended audience:    4

Authorís objectives met:      3

Significant number of illustrations:     4

Quality of illustrations:    4


From the Back Cover:

The Manual of Gender Dermatology if a research-based guide to the mechanisms of gender differentiation for common dermatologic conditions. Key topics include hormonal differences, genetic background, gender psychology, environmental effects, and a wide range of skin disorders that may have a gender bias.  Written by experts in the fields of dermatology and cutaneous biology, this is an essential resource for practicing dermatologists and family practitioners, as well as for physician extenders, nurses, and students.

The Manual of Gender Dermatology provides a comprehensive look at important elements of gender dermatology, including:

  • Gender bias in skin disorders
  • Environmental effects
  • Hormonal differences
  • Genetic background
  • Gender psychology

Table of Contents:



Part  1  Primer of Gender Dermatology
Chapter  1  Gender Dermatology Defined
Chapter  2  Gender Throughout History
Chapter  3  Genetics and Molecular Biology of the Sexes
Chapter  4  Hormonal Differences in the Sexes
Chapter  5  Gender and Immunology
Chapter  6  Gender Psychology
Part  2  Life Cycle
Chapter  7  Infancy
Chapter  8  Childhood
Chapter  9  Young Adulthood
Chapter  10  Mature Adulthood
Part  3  Heredity and Environment
Chapter  11  Genodermatoses
Chapter  12  Environmental Effects
Part  4  Diseases of Skin Structure - Non-Hereditary
Chapter  13  Disorders of the Sebaceous, Apocrine, and Eccrine Glands
Chapter  14  Disorders of the Nails
Chapter  15  Disorders of the Hair and the Scalp
Part  5  Other Diseases
Chapter  16  Papulosquamous Diseases
Chapter  17  Diseases of Pigment Changes
Chapter  18  Vesicular and Bullous Diseases
Chapter  19  Connective Tissue Diseases
Chapter  20  Vasculitic Diseases
Chapter  21  Cutaneous Tumors
Part  6  Cutaneous Manifestations of Systemic Diseases
Chapter  22  Systemic Diseases in General
Chapter  23  Drug Eruptions
Chapter  24  Psychodermatology
Part  7  Infections and Infestations
Chapter  25  Bacterial and Mycoboacterial Diseases
Chapter  26  Rickettsial and Viral Diseases
Chapter  27  Superficial and Deep Fungal Diseases
Chapter  28  Parasitic Diseases
Chapter  29  Sexually Transmitted Disease and AIDs
Part  8  Interventions
Chapter  30  Surgical Interventions
Chapter  31  Pharmaceutical Interventions
Chapter  32  Cosmetic Interventions


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