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Marketing Your Clinical Practice: Ethically, Effectively, Economically
Authors: Neil Baum and Gretchen Henkel
Pages:  574   Soft Cover
ISBN: 978-0-7637-6983-3
Jones and Bartlett Publishers   2010
List Price:  $99.95

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Medical Science Books Medical Book Review:

Marketing Your Clinical Practice is a fantastic resource for new and established physicians in private practice who want to make more money, get more patients, become more respected in the community, and have their offices run more smoothly and efficiently.  From hiring the right staff to making your patients feel that they've chosen the right physician and even getting more referrals.  Baum and Henkel seem to have covered it all.

Many other marketing books have some of this information but Marketing Your Clinical Practice seems to have a little bit of everything.  Although it is a book targeted for clinical practice, many of the strategies can be used for various types of businesses.

We would highly recommend this publication for anyone hoping to increase or build revenue from a clinical practice, as well as for anyone hoping to take their business to the next level.

From the Publisher:     

Marketing Your Clinical Practice: Ethically, Effectively, Economically, Fourth Edition is an updated and revised edition of this best selling guide to medical practice marketing including new topics and advanced techniques. This essential resource provides readers with the plans and real examples to market and grow a successful practice. This book is filled with practical marketing tips and strategies based around five components of a successful practice: retaining current patients; attracting new patients; motivating staff; working with managed care and other physicians; and utilizing the Internet and consultants.

Marketing Your Clinical Practice: Ethically, Effectively, Economically, Fourth Edition is the perfect resource for any physician in a single or group practice looking to improve their business and medical students learning how to develop a practice.

New topics to the Fourth Edition include:

 Internet and website strategies
 Professional consultants
 Marketing to the Generations: Boomers, Seniors, GenXers
 Improving EMR efficiency
 Adding ancillary services
 In-office dispensing, advantages and risks
 How to reconfigure your space
 Natural Disaster and Technological Disaster planning



Table of Contents:

About the Authors

Pillar I Love the Ones You're with: Keeping the Patients You Already Have

Chapter 1. Giving Your Practice a Checkup
Personal Interviews
Patient Surveys
What to Ask
Whom to Include
Customizing the Survey
Implementing the Survey
Tabulating the Results
Using the Results
Focus Groups
Invitations and Reminders
Running the Meeting
Suggestion Box
Physician Surveys
How to Survey Your Peers
Additional Resources

Chapter 2. Myster Shop 'Til You Drop

Chapter 3. Don't Be Late for a Very Important Date
Do Not Keep Patients Waiting
Identify Problem Areas
Managing No-Shows
Technology to the Rescue
Emphasize Importance of Keeping Appointments
Should You Charge for No-Shows?
Manage Interruptions
Do Not Ignore Delays
12 + Time-Busters

Chapter 4. Identifying Moments of Truth
Create a Patient Cycle
What to Watch for
Don't Forget the Hospital and Outside Testing Facilities
Other Methods of Discovery
Turn Negatives into Positives

Chapter 5. Putting on the Ritz
Learning from Ritz Carlton
How Personal Information Notes Are Used
Lessons Learned from the Container Store
Additional Resources

Chapter 6. Your Reception Area Is Your Opportunity to Create a Good First Impression
Avoid Negative Perceptions
Reconfigure Your Reception Area

Provide Distractions
Provide a Variety of Reading Materials
Guide Your Patients to Internet Sites
More About You and Your Staff
Other Touches
Additional Resources

Chapter 7. Improve Patients' Drug Compliance- Provide Medication Information
Additional Resources
Internet Sources

Chapter 8. One-Stop Shopping : Incorporate In-Office Dispensing of Medications
The Patient-Physician Relationship
Who Can Benefit from Direct Dispensing?
Is Office Dispensing for You?
Integrating Dispensing into Your Already Busy Practice
Getting Started
Direct Dispensing: The Right Way

Chapter 9. Marketing on 10 Minutes a Day
Who Are your Key Patients?
Who Comprises This Group of Key Patients?
Who Should Call the Key Patients?
What Time Should You Call the Key Patients?
What Are the Advantages?
Possible Disadvantages

Chapter 10. Different Strokes for Different Folks: Dealing with Demanding Patients

Chapter 11. Track Your Oldies and They Will Become Goodies

Chapter 12. A Transfer Request Does Not Mean Good-Bye

Chapter 13. Build the Evidence... and They Will Come

Chapter 14. Leave a Paper Trail... That Leads to the Bottom Line

Chapter 15. Stuffers Soften the Bite of the Bill

Chapter 16. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Creating Office Videos

Chapter 17. Need More Patients? Brochures are the Cure.

Chapter 18. Meshing Your Disaster and Marketing Plans

Pillar II External Marketing: Attracting New Patients to Your Practice

Chapter 19. Your Net Worth Is Related to Your Network

Chapter 20. There's Strength in Numbers: Support Groups and Group Appointments Can Fill the Bill

Chapter 21. Marketing to Ethnic Communities

Chapter 22. Closing the Generation Gaps: Marketing to Boomers, Seniors, and Gen Xers

Chapter 23. Write That Masterpiece-and Send it to the Lay Press

Chapter 24. Nothing Does It Better... Than a Newsletter

Chapter 25. They'll Find You Fast with an Effective Yellow Pages Ad

Chapter 26. Care and Feeding of Your Web Site: Learning to Love Spiders and Crawlers

Chapter 27.  One Small Click for Your Patients, One Giant Leap for Your Practice!

Chapter 28. Go Public with Your Message: Speeches That Spur Action

Chapter 29. Make Slides That Sizzle

Chapter 30. Meet the Press: Create Credibility Through Celebrity

Chapter 31. Become and Instant Expert: Write the Book

Pillar III Motivating Your Staff

Chapter 32. Go for the Goal: How to Create Team Spirit

Chapter 33. Add Sparkle to Your Staff Meetings

Chapter 34. Reach Out and Touch Someone: The Telephone is the Lifeline of Your Practice

Chapter 35. Break Bread and Break the Ice: Start a Lunch-and-Learn Program- Referrals Will Follow

Chapter 36. A Match Made in Heaven: Hiring the Perfect Employee for Your Practice

Chapter 37. Making Office Space Work- for Your Practice and Your Staff

Pillar IV Communicating with Other Physicians and Other Professionals

Chapter 38. How to Obtain and Maintain Physician Referrals: It Takes Patience, Persistence, Politeness, and Prompt Reporting

Chapter 39. Generating Referrals from Nontraditional Sources

Chapter 40. Make the Hospital Your Marketing Ally, Not Your Adversary

Chapter 41. Big Can Be Better: Marketing for Large Groups

Chapter 42. Birds Do It, Bees Do It, Even Ivory Tower Doctors Do It

Pillar V From Pillar to Post: Best Use of Consultants, Technology, and Tips to Ensure Your Marketing Success

Chapter 43. Improve Quality, Build Alliances When You Add Ancillary Services

Chatper 44. The EMR Difference: From Paper Chase to Service-Based

Chapter 45. Let Technology Simplify Your Life

Chapter 46. Banish the Malpractice Blues

Chapter 47. How to Market and Promote Clinical Research

Chapter 48. Taking the Stand: Marketing Your Expertise as an Expert Witness

Chapter 49. Do Niche Marketing as a Super Specialist

Chapter 50. Giving Our Patients a FedEx Experience

Chapter 51. Marketing Your Concierge Medical Practice

Chapter 52. Hiring a Marketing Consultant

Chapter 53. Working with an Architect to Enhance the Patient Experience in Your Office


Chapter 54.  Medicine, Marketing, and Mirth: Having Fun with Your Medical Practice

Chapter 55. Lagiappe (Something Extra)

Chapter 56. Balancing Your Personal and Professional Lives

Chapter 57. Getting Started: The Secrets of Marketing Success



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