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Mayo Clinic Internal Medicine Board Review, 9th Edition
Editor: Amit K. Ghosh
Pages: 1016 Soft Cover
Oxford University Press 2010

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In this, the ninth edition of Mayo Clinic Internal Medicine Board Review , the chapters were extensively revised and expanded to include new treatment guidelines, recent advances in the science of medicine, and evidence-based recommendations. The book includes many features that facilitate retention of the vast amount of knowledge imparted, including bullet points, more than 450 questions and their answers that simulate those used on the American Board of Internal Medicine examinations, and pharmacy reviews that reflect current information about the medications in each subspecialty. The editor and associate editors added their depth of experience to make this the finest edition of the book in its long history. The book is a must-have for anyone preparing for board certification or recertification and is a valuable resource for physicians who are in training and practicing clinicians.


  • Bulleted points allow perusing of the important topics
  • Typical clinical scenarios of case types that are part of board examination and that are seen in clinical practice
  • Emphasis on skills for taking board examination
  • More than 450 questions and answers that highlight important new evidence
  • Most chapters have been expanded to include new evidence-based recommendations
  • Expanded Pharmacy review tables reflect the current status of new medications
  • Many new tables and figures

 Table of Contents

1 The Board Examination Amit K. Ghosh, MD
2 Allergy Gerald W. Volcheck, MD
3 Cardiology Part I: Cardiac Examination, Valvular Heart Disease, and Congenital Heart Disease Kyle W. Klarich, MD
Cardiology Part II: Evaluation and Treatment of Arrhythmias Peter A. Brady, MB, ChB, MD
Cardiology Part III: Specific Arrhythmias and Syncope Peter A. Brady, MB, ChB, MD
Cardiology Part IV: Ischemic Heart Disease Abhiram Prasad, MD
Cardiology Part V: Heart Failure and Cardiomyopathies Barry L. Karon, MD Naveen L. Pereira, MD
Cardiology Part VI: The Heart and Systemic Disease, Pregnancy and Heart Disease, and Miscellaneous Cardiac Disorders Kyle W. Klarich, MD
4 Critical Care Medicine Otis B. Rickman, DO
5 Dermatology Lisa A. Drage, MD
6 Endocrinology Bryan McIver, MB, ChB, PhD Peter Tebben, MD Pankaj Shah, MD
7 Gastroenterology and Hepatology Part I: Gastroenterology Robert E. Sedlack, MD, MHPE Conor G. Loftus, MD Amy S. Oxentenko, MD Thomas R. Viggiano, MD
Gastroenterology and Hepatology Part II: Hepatology John J. Poterucha, MD
8 General Internal Medicine Scott C. Litin, MD Karen F. Mauck, MD Alan K. Duncan, MD
9 Genetics Virginia V. Michels, MD
10 Geriatrics Margaret Beliveau Ficalora, MD
11 Hematology Part I: Benign Hematology David P. Steensma, MD
Hematology Part II: Coagulation (Hemostasis and Thrombosis) Rajiv K. Pruthi, MBBS
Hematology Part III: Malignant Hematology David P. Steensma, MD
12 HIV Infection Zelalem Temesgen, MD Mary J. Kasten, MD
13 Hospital Medicine James S. Newman, MD David J. Rosenman, MD
14 Hypertension Gary L. Schwartz, MD
15 Infectious Diseases Part I: Specific Microorganisms Abinash Virk, MD
Infectious Diseases Part II: Clinical Syndromes in Infectious Diseases Robert Orenstein, DO
Infectious Diseases Part III: Antimicrobials Lynn L. Estes, RPh, PharmD John W. Wilson, MD
16 Medical Ethics C. Christopher Hook, MD Paul S. Mueller, MD
17 Men's Health Thomas J. Beckman, MD Haitham S. Abu-Lebdeh, MD
18 Nephrology Part I: Evaluation of Kidney Function, Glomerular Disease, and Tubulointerstitial Disease Fernando C. Fervenza, MD, PhD
Nephrology Part II: Renal Failure Kianoush B. Kashani, MD Amy W. Williams, MD
Nephrology Part III: Acid-Base and Electrolyte Disorders Robert C. Albright Jr, DO
Nephrology Part IV: Urolithiasis, Kidney Transplantation, and Pregnancy and Kidney Disease Stephen B. Erickson, MD Hatem Amer, MD Timothy S. Larson, MD
19 Neurology Part I: Diagnosis of Neurologic Disorders Brian A. Crum, MD Eduardo E. Benarroch, MD Robert D. Brown Jr, MD
Neurology Part II: Neurologic Disorders Categorized by Anatomical Involvement Brian A. Crum, MD Eduardo E. Benarroch, MD Robert D. Brown Jr, MD
Neurology Part III: Neurologic Disorders Categorized by Mechanism Brian A. Crum, MD Eduardo E. Benarroch, MD Robert D. Brown Jr, MD
20 Oncology Timothy J. Moynihan, MD
21 Preventive Medicine Martha P. Millman, MD, MPH Prathibha Varkey, MBBS, MPH, MHPE
22 Psychiatry Bruce Sutor, MD
23 Pulmonary Diseases Part I: Diagnosis and Common Disorders John G. Park, MD
Pulmonary Diseases Part II: Diffuse Lung Disease Timothy R. Aksamit, MD
Pulmonary Diseases Part III: Neoplastic and Vascular Diseases Karen L. Swanson, DO
Pulmonary Diseases Part IV: Pulmonary Infections Charles F. Thomas Jr, MD Sean M. Caples, DO
24 Rheumatology Clement J. Michet Jr, MD Kenneth G. Moder, MD William W. Ginsburg, MD
25 Vascular Diseases Peter C. Spittell, MD
26 Women's Health Lynne T. Shuster, MD Deborah J. Rhodes, MD

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