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Mental Health, Psychiatry and the Arts, A Teaching Handbook
Soft Cover
Edited by: Victoria Tischler
ISBN10: 1-84619-373-7
Pages: 162



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From the Publisher:

‘Medicine and psychiatry, both based on science, require the art of caring, using the principles of art in learning and teaching. Sitting with a patient, making sense of their distress, being empathetic in understanding both the symptoms and the person and alleviating suffering needs a human touch. For that, doctors need the soul of an artist and must be aware of the value that arts have for society and the individual.’ - from the Foreword by Dinesh Bhugra

This comprehensive book explores how visual art, cinema, music, poetry, literature and drama can inform the teaching and practice of psychiatrists and mental health professionals. Edited and written by a team of expert practitioners, teachers and researchers, including both clinicians and users of mental health services, this comprehensive book will provide valuable insights for undergraduate and postgraduate educators with teaching reponsibilities in psychiatry and mental health. Students of the medical humanities, art, music and drama therapists, and educators in occupational therapy and psychology will also find this a valuable and insightful handbook.

Table of Contents:

bullet Why use the arts to teach mental health and psychiatry?

bullet A brief history of psychiatry through the arts  

bullet A day in the life of a Cinemeducator  

bullet The quest to understand the afflicted mind: Hans Prinzhorn and the artistry of the mentally ill  

bullet Poetry and clinical humanities

bullet When art and medicine collide: using literature to teach psychiatry  

bullet Creative writing as reflective practice in health professions education

bullet An introduction to art psychotherapy  

bullet The aesthetics of mania: an introduction for health professionals  

bullet Learning about community arts  

bullet The use of drama and theatre arts in mental health education  

bullet Music and psychiatry  

bullet What can we learn from blues music?  


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