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Musculoskeletal Trauma Simplified
By: Amna Diwan, Shivani Gupta, R. Malcolm Smith, Robert Perone, Corneila Wenokor
Pages:       Soft Cover
ISBN: 978-1-903378-63-2
List Price $90.00
TFM Pubishing, ltd

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Table of Contents:



Chapter1: Spine

Chapter 2: Shoulder girdle and proximal humerus

Chapter 3: Elbow and distal humerus

Chapter 4: Wrist and forearm

Chapter 5: Hand

Chapter 6: Pelvis, acetabulum, hip, and femur

Chapter 7: Knee and Leg

Chapter 8: Ankle and foot

Chapter 9: Pediatric trauma

Appendix:  Normal X-Rays

Fracture and Injury Index

From the Publisher:

This book presents a case-by-case approach to bone trauma seen on plain fim and will help you learn some of the most common and important cases.  You will review relevant clinical information and radiographs before answering a set of questions regarding the findings, enabling you to test your clinical knowledge and skills, and identify any weak areas of knowledge.  The subsequent answers are presented clearly and thoroughly, and explained with simple illustrations and x-rays.  This is followed by a section on management which covers specific details to each case.

This book is ideally suited for those junior practitioners who deal with musculoskeletal trauma on a daily basis, such as those in the fields of emergency medicine, radiology, and orthopedic surgery.  However, regardless, if you have an interest in musculoskeletal injuries, and would like to expand your knowledge on the basic interpretation and management of fractures, this book is a good start to that process, and will make you realize that it is less daunting than once thought.


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