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Paediatric Gastroenterology
Authors:  Jose M. Moreno-Villares, Isabel Polanco
Pages: 156  Hard Cover
ISBN: 978-1-84692-009-7
Price $99.95

Clinical Publishing

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From the Publisher:

· Provides comprehensive description of clinical presentations permitting early diagnosis and effective management of disease · Assists visual investigation of signs and symptoms · Ready to-use-information in an easily accessible format for both specialists & general physicians
Edited by:
JM Moreno Villares, Nutrition Unit (Unidad de Nutrición Clínica), Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre, Madrid, Spain; Isabel Polanco, Professor, Gastroenterology and Nutrition Service, Hospital Infantil Universitario La Paz, Madrid, Spain.
Major disorders of paediatric gastroenterology are covered in this attractive and comprehensive four-colour atlas. Concisely written and with numerous illustrations, it provides an easy and accessible format to quickly read and review material. There is a wealth of valuable information on how to make accurate diagnoses and effectively manage children with gastrointestinal disorders, presented in a logical clear way, taking the reader through clinical presentation, differential diagnosis, prognosis and treatment options. Written by experts in the field and full of clear illustrations, this is essential reading for all those who manage paediatric disorders. Readers will find this an invaluable aid to correctly identify disorders through visual memory, create investigative strategies for diagnosis and determine appropriate management.
Specialists in gastroenterology ▪ Paediatricians ▪ Doctors in training
Book Details:
978 1 84692 009 7
164pp; 310 x 250mm; Illustrations; Hardback;
Publication Date: July 2009

Table of Contents:


1. Failure to thrive in infants and children, JMM Villares, AM Guerra
2. Vomiting, JMM Villares, MJG Segovia
3. Diarrhoea - acute and chronic, ER Riechmann, AC Agrasot, BP Miquel, C Ribes- Koninckx
4. Constipation, C Gutiérrez, J Gonzálvez
5. Abdominal pain in childhood, IXI Terradillos, JCV Cormenzana
6. Gastrointestinal bleeding, G Gershman
7. Cow's milk allergy, A Nieto, A Mazón
8. Abdominal masses, JA Tovar
9. Liver disease - cholestasis and childhood hypertransaminasemia, P Socha, J Pawłowska, A Dhawan, L Peña-Quintana, D González-Santana
10. Coeliac disease, I Polanco
11. Ulcerative colitis, CS Salinas, JB Alonso
12. Crohn’s disease, D Ziring, J Vargas
13. Short bowel syndrome, J Bueno
14. Congenital gastrointestinal malformations, I Eizaguirre, A Nogués
15. Paediatric appendicitis, AB Casanovas
16. Paediatric clinical dietetics, AP Arigita

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