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Pediatric Urology, Second Edition
By John G. Gearhart, MD, FACS, Richard C. Rink, MD and Pierre D. E. Mouriquand, MD, FRCS(Eng)
Pages: 848 
Hard Cover
Elsevier, Saunders / Expert Consult  2010

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Medical Science Books Medical Book Review:
Another reviewer has stated that this new second edition is better illustrated and easier to read than the first edition.  While we don't have the first edition on hand to compare it to, the illustrations in this edition are very helpful, numerous, and crisp.  There is an entire chapter dedicated to MRI of the urinary tract which clearly illustrate a variety of common developmental and acquired pathologies.

Also, while other reference books on the subject are larger, this one is extremely concise and includes access to additional features on expertconsult.com.  Once you receive your book, simply use the code located inside the front cover to activate it and you'll be able to read the book online from any computer, do searches on any topic contained in the book, and follow links to PubMed abstracts for bibliographical references.  If you have other Expert Consult titles, you can view them all from your online library.

-MSB Staff Review

Description from the back cover:

This up-to-date, clinical reference provides detailed descriptions of all areas of the field, including pediatric surgery, radiology, nephrology, endocrinology, biochemistry, and obstetrics.  The appealing new full-color design, streamlined approach, and online access at expertconsult.com make this an invaluable resource to pediatric urologists, pediatric surgeons, residents, and fellows worldwide.

- Provides detailed descriptions of the best approaches for the functional, biological, and morphological aspects of the urinary tract before and after birth.
- Includes new chapters on tissue engineering, acute scrotum and disorders of the penis, and perinatal urological emergencies to cover the most up-to-date research in the field.
- Presents comprehensive coverage in a short, readable, and succinct format so that the material is easy to locate and disseminate.
- Features cutting-edge coverage from editors at the forefront of the specialty so you know the best available approaches.

Table of Contents

Part 1
Basics, 1

Section 1. Embryology and Physiology of the urinary tract

1. Embryology of the Urogenital Tract

2. Nephrourology from fetushood to adulthood

3. Renal Function, Fluids, electrolytes, and nutrition from birth to adulthood

Section 2. Morphologic Investigations

4. Prenatal Diagnosis of Fetal Renal Abnormalities

5. Morphologic Studies of the Urinary Tract

6. Endoscopy of the Lower Urinary Tract

7. Laparoscopy in Pediatric Urology

Section 3. Functional Investigations

8. Radiosotope Imaging of the Kidney and Urinary Tract

9. Urodynamic Studies of the Lower Urinary Tract

10. Urodynamic Studies of the Upper Urinary Tract

11. Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Pediatric Urinary Tract

Section 4. Special Considerations

12. Genes, Urinary tract development, and human disease

13. Pediatric urinary tract infections

14. Nursing intervention in pediatric urology

15. Tissue Engineering in Pediatric Urology

Part 2. Kidney

16. Abnormal migration and fusion of the kidneys

17. Multicystic dysplastic kidney disease

18. Glomerulonephritis in Children

Part 3. Upper Urinary Tract

Section 1. Congenital Urine Flow Impairments

19. Congenital urine flow impairments of the upper urinary tract: Pathophysiology and experimental studies

20. Ureteropelvic Junction Anomalies: Congenital ureteropelvic junction problems in children

21. Ureterovesical Junction Anomalies: megaureters

Section 2. Reflux and All Other Ureteral Abnormalities

22. Vesicoureteral Reflux: Pathophysiology and Experimental Studies

23. The diagnosis and medical management of primary vesicoureteral reflux

24. Endoscopic Treatment of vesicoureteral reflux

25. Surgery for Vesicoureteral reflux

26. Ureteral duplication, ectopy, and ureteroceles

Part 4. Bladder

27. Pathophysiology of bladder dysfunction

28. Pragmatic approach to the evaluation and management of Non-neuropathic daytime voiding disorders

29. Nocturnal enuresis

30. The bladder exstrophy- episadias- cloacal exstrophy complex

31. Bladder diverticula, urachal anomalies, and other uncommon anomalies of the bladder

32. Prune-belly syndrome

Part 5. Infravesical Urine Flow Impairments

33. Posterior urethral valves

34. Urethral duplication and other urethral anomalies

Part 6. Genitalia

Section 1. Ambiguous Genitalia

35. Disorders of sex development: Endocrine aspects

36. Surgical managment of female genital anomalies, disorders of sexual development, urogenital sinus, and cloacal anomalies

37. Adolescent urogynecology

38. Ambiguous genitalia in male adolescents

39. Psychological and psychiatric aspects of genitourinary conditions

Section 2. Male Genital Abnormalities

40. Foreskin

41. Hypospadias

42. Disorders of the penis and scrotum

43. Cryptorchidism

44. Patent processus vaginalis

45. The pediatric varicocele

Part 7. Nephrourology

46. Acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease in children

47. Pediatri renal transplantation: Medical and surgical aspects

48. Urolithiasis in children

Part 8. Urogenital Tumors

49. Oncologic Principles of Pediatric Genitourinary Tumors

50. Wilms' Tumor

51. Rhabhomyosarcoma

52. Testicular Tumors

53. Adrenal tumors in children

Part 9. Emergencies and Trauma

54. Neonatal urologic emergencies

55. Urinary tract trauma

Part 10. Reconstruction and Surgery for Incontinence

Section 1. Bladder Reconstruction and Substitution

56. Incontinent and continent urinary diversion

57. Augmentation cystoplasty

Section 2. Surgery for Incontenence

58. Bladder outlet surgery for congenital incontinence

59. Artificial urinary sphincter

60. Injectable bulking agents in the treatment of pediatric urinary incontinence

Section 3. Associated Intestinal Abnormalities

61. Fecal Incontinence in Pediatric Urology

Part 11. Appendix