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Peripheral Vascular Disease in Primary Care
Author: Anita Sharma
ISBN 13:
Radcliffe 2012     180 Pages  Soft Cover
List Price:  $45.00

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Peripheral vascular disease is common and has a significant adverse effect on the quality of life. A general practice with a list size of 6000 patients will have approximately 30 symptomatic patients with peripheral vascular disease’ - Anita Sharma

Peripheral vascular disease is a commonly neglected condition and therefore often presents in an advanced stage or in a life-threatening manner. General practitioners can play a vital role by making early diagnoses, prompt referrals, and in coordinating vascular risk factor management in primary care.

This book is a concise and practical guide to recognising, managing and reducing the cardiovascular risk factors in patients with peripheral vascular disease (PVD). Completely up-to-date, it offers clear direction for all primary care professionals.

  • Table of Contents:

    bullet Varicose veins

    bullet Deep vein thrombosis

    bullet Oral contraceptive and deep vein thrombosis

    bullet Primary care oral anticoagulant management

    bullet Prevention of post operative venous thromboembolism

    bullet Diabetic foot

    bullet Restless leg syndrome

    bullet Intermittent claudication

    bullet Leg ulcers

    bullet Ankle Brachial Pressure Index

    bullet The management of PAD in Primary Care

    bullet Tackling smoking—Role of GP

    bullet PAD Primary care service framework

    bullet Secondary care referral

    bullet Commissioning services for peripheral vascular disease

    bullet One stop clinic

    bullet Multiple choice questions


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