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Practical Management of Bipolar Disorder
Editors: Allan H. Young, I. Nicol Ferrier and Erin E. Michalak

Pages:  218  soft Cover
ISBN 13:
Cambridge University Press 2011
List Price:  $60.00

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Bipolar disorder, or manic depression, is characterised by episodes of pathological mood states. The two poles are mania (with a predominant elated or irritable mood) and depression (with feelings of sadness, anxiety, guilt or hopelessness) but mixed states frequently occur. Episodes can last for many months and profoundly affect physical health, relationships and careers. Since diagnosis and management are difficult, this practical guide provides an overview of the disorder and detailed guidelines for treating the illness throughout its stages, from authors internationally renowned for their work in bipolar disorder. Also discussed are disease theories, mechanisms and key clinical trials, as well as chapters devoted to psychosocial treatments, substance misuse and insights from 'lived experience'. In-depth analyses of selected population groups, including youth, the elderly and women, complement guidelines for clinical approaches in managing bipolar disorder. Comprehensive and detailed, this guide will prove invaluable to clinicians, general practitioners, psychiatrists and psychologists.

Key Features:

• The first book to address pharmacological and psychosocial treatment of bipolar disorder with a clinical focus
• Written by authors and editors internationally known for their work in bipolar disorder
• Includes reflections and insights from the 'lived experience'


Table of Contents:

1. Reflections and insights from the 'lived' experience Victoria Maxwell
2. Overview of Bipolar Disorder Allan H. Young, I. Nicol Ferrier and Erin Michalak
3. The treatment of mania Heinz Grunz
4. Pharmacological treatment of Bipolar Depression Allan H. Young
5. Practical treatment guidelines for management of Bipolar Disorder Lakshmi Yatham
6. Psychosocial interventions in Bipolar Disorder: theories, mechanisms and key clinical trials Sagar V. Parikh and Vytas Velyvis
7. Physical treatments in Bipolar Disorder Marisa Le Masurier, Lucie L. Herrmann, Luisa K. Coulson and Klaus P. Ebmeier
8. Treating bipolar disorder in the early stages of the illness Jane Garland and Anne Duffy
9. Special populations: the elderly Alan Thomas
10. Special populations: women and reproductive issues Karine A. N. Macritchie and Carol Henshaw
11. Special populations: physical health issues John Joseph and Yee Ming Mok
12. Anxiety associated with Bipolar Disorder: clinical and pathophysiological significance Pratap R. Chokka and Vikram K. Yeragani
13. Bipolar Disorder comorbid with addictions Jose M. Goikolea and Eduard Vieta
14. Practical management of cyclothymia Giulio Perugi and Dina Popovic
15. Circadian and sleep/wake considerations in the practical management of Bipolar Disorder Greg Murray
16. A clinician's guide to psychosocial functioning and quality of life in Bipolar Disorder Erin E. Michalak and Greg Murray
17. Service delivery of integrated care for Bipolar Disorder Richard Morriss
18. Training and assessment issues in Bipolar Disorder: a clinical perspective Sagar V. Parikh and Erin Michalak
19. Practical guide to brain imaging in Bipolar Disorder I. Nicol Ferrier and Adrian J. Lloyd
20. From neuroscience to clinical practice: cognitive dysfunction in bipolar illness Annie J. Kuan, Vivienne A. Curtis and Allan H. Young

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