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Professionalism in Mental Healthcare: Experts, Expertise and Expectations
Editors: Dinesh Bhugra and Amit Malik
Pages:  187   Soft Cover
ISBN 13:
Cambridge University Press  2011
List Price:  $55.00

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Ratings (1-4 , 4 being the highest):

Organization of information:    3

Usefulness of book:     3

Suitable for intended audience:    4

Authorís objectives met:      4

Significant number of illustrations:     2

Quality of illustrations:    n/a (tables)


In mental health, as in other medical disciplines, the role of the professional is changing. The availability of information, enhanced roles of other healthcare professionals and changes in training have altered the doctor-patient relationship and left professionals accountable to the needs of clients, politicians, policy makers and funding agencies. This book seeks to redefine the professional role of the specialist mental health worker by bringing perspectives from leading experts from both developed and developing countries, and also from a wide range of professionals in the field of law, medical ethics, education and medical leadership. Uniquely, it also looks at the views of patients and next-generation psychiatrists. It will be of interest to those involved in providing mental healthcare as well as those responsible for health policy initiatives and training.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction Amit Malik and Dinesh Bhugra
2. Globalisation Norman Sartorius
3. The virtues and vices of professionalism Jonathan Montgomery
4. Professionalism: the US perspective Sidney Weissman and Kenneth Busch
5. Professionalism: the UK perspective Sir Donald Irvine, Neil Johnson, Jill Thistlethwaite and Gillian Lewando Hundt
6. Professionalism and resource-poor settings: redefining psychiatry in the context of global mental health Vikram Patel
7. Professionalism: Australian perspectives Katinka Morton, Robert Adler and Bruce Singh
8. Can professionalism be taught? Lessons for undergraduate medical education Robert Murden
9. Patient expectations from psychiatrists Dinesh Bhugra and Susham Gupta
10. Teams and professionalism David W. Page
11. New professionalism Donna Schmutzler and James Holsinger
12. Medical professionalism in the new century: accomplishments and challenges in the future for an American medical school John A. Talbott
13. Ethical foundations of professionalism Jim E. Sabin and H. Steven Moffic
14. Training in professionalism Vikram Jha, Zeryab Setna and Trudie Roberts
15. Expertise and medical professionalism Kathy M. Vincent and Allan Tasman
16. Leadership and professionalism Helen Herrman, Julian Freidin and Sharon Brownie
17. Professionalism and psychiatry: the way forward Amit Malik and Dinesh Bhugra


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