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Radiology Secrets Plus
By: E. Scott Pretorius, MD and Jeffrey A. Solomon, MD, MBA
Pages: 561  Soft Cover
Mosby/ Elsevier 2011

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Radiology Secrets Plusa Secrets Series title in the new PLUS formatoffers an easy-to-read, information-at-your-fingertips approach to radiology. Drs. E. Scott Pretorius and Jeffrey A. Solomon provide the expert perspective you need to grasp the nuances of this specialty. This new edition offers more information and expanded full color visual elements to provide an overall enhanced learning experience. All this, along with the popular question-and answer approach, makes it a perfect concise board review tool and a handy clinical reference.


    • Maintains the popular and trusted Secrets Series® format, using questions and short answers for effective and enjoyable learning.
    • Provides the most current overview and authoritative coverage of all topics thanks to contributions from an impressive list of experts in the field of radiology.

New to this edition:

  • Introduces the new PLUS format, with an expanded size and layout and full color for easier review, more information, and more visual elements for an overall enhanced experience.
  • Provides the current standards of radiology practice through thorough updates to every chapter that reflect the most up-to-date information.
  • Contains more, larger images (including new full color PET and CT images), to offer a clearer picture of what is seen is practice.


Table of Contents

Top 100 Secrets

1. Introduction to Imaging Modalities

Chapter 1. Introduction to plain film radiography and fluoroscopy
Chapter 2. Introduction to ultrasound, CT, and MRI
Chapter 3. Introduction to nuclear medicine
Chapter 4. Computers in radiology

2. Breast Imaging

Chapter 5. Screening Mammography
Chapter 6. Diagnostic mammography
Chapter 7. Breast ultrasound and breast procedures
Chapter 8. Breast MRI

3. Cardiac and noninvasive vascular imaging

Chapter 9. Cardiac imaging: X-Ray and MRI
Chapter 10. CT angiography and MRA of the aorta
Chapter 11. Coronary CT angiography
Chapter 12. CT angiography of the pulmonary vasculature
Chapter 13. CT angiography and MRA of the peripheral and viceral vasculature

4. Gastrointestinal tract

Chapter 14. Plain radiographs of the abdomen
Chapter 15. Upper gastrointestinal tract
Chapter 16. Colon: Contrast Enema and CT
Chapter 17. CT and MRI of the liver and biliary tract
Chapter 18. CT and MRI of the spleen
Chapter 19. CT and MRI of the pancereas
Chapter 20. CT of the acute abdomen and pelvis

5. Genitourinary tract

Chapter 21. Intravenous Urography
Chapter 22. Genitourinary Flouroscopic
Chapter 23. CT and MRI of the kidney
Chapter 24. CT and MRI of the adrenal glands
Chapter 25. Ultrasound of the female pelvis
Chapter 26. MRI of the female pelvis
Chapter 27. MRI and ultrasound of the male pelvis

6. Interventional radiology

Chapter 28. Patient sedation and pain management
Chapter 29. Equipment, terms, and techniques in interventional radiology
Chapter 30. Inferior vena cava filters
Chapter 31. Advanced procedures in interventional radiology
Chapter 32. Peripheral vascular disease
Chapter 33. Embolization techniques and applications
Chapter 34. Hepatobiliary and portal venous interventions
Chapter 35. Genitourinary and gastrointestinal interventional radiology

7. Musculoskeletal radiology

Chapter 36. Extremity plain films and trauma
Chapter 37. Plain film examination of spinal trauma
Chapter 38. Nontraumatic spine plain films and degenerative disease
Chapter 39. Osteoporosis
Chapter 40. Osteoarthritis and inflammation arthritis
Chapter 41. Osteomyelitis
Chapter 42. Bone tumors
Chapter 43. Shoulder MRI
Chapter 44. MRI of the elbow and wrist
Chapter 45. MRI of the hip
Chapter 46. MRI of the knee
Chapter 47. MRI of the foot and ankle

8. Neuroradiology

Chapter 48. Brain: Anatomy, trauma, and tumors
Chapter 49. Brain: Inflammatory, infectious, and vascular diseases
Chapter 50. Advanced imaging of the spine
Chapter 51. Head and Neck: Part I
Chapter 52. Head and Neck: Part II

9. Nuclear radiology

Chapter 53. Positron emission tomography
Chapter 54. Bone scans
Chapter 55. Ventilation-Perfusion (V/Q) scans
Chapter 56. Thyroid scintigraphy
Chapter 57. Gastrointestinal and genitourinary scintigraphy
Chapter 58. Nuclear Cardiology

10. Pediatric Radiology

Chapter 59. Pediatric thoracic radiology
Chapter 60. Pediatric Gastrointestinal Radiology
Chapter 61. Pediatric Uroradiology
Chapter 62. Pediatric Neuroradiology
Chapter 63. Pediatric Musculoskeletal Radiology
Chapter 64. Imaging of Child Abuse

11. Thoracic Radiology

Chapter 65. Solitary and multiple pulmonary nodules
Chapter 66. Interstitial lung disease
Chapter 67. Mediastinal diseases
Chapter 68. Plaural diseases
Chapter 69. Tubes, Lines, and Catheters

12. Ultrasonography

Chapter 70. Obstetric Ultrasound: First-trimester imaging
Chapter 71. Obstetric Ultrasound: Second-trimester imaging
Chapter 72. Vascular ultrasound
Chapter 73. Abdominal ultrasound

13. Diagnostic Radiology as a Profession

Chapter 74. Training pathways in diagnostic imaging
Chapter 75. Medico legal issues in diagnostic imaging
Chapter 76. Radiology organizations




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