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Spinal Cord Injury: Rehabilitation Medicine Quick Reference
Series Editor: Ralph M. Buschbacher
Pages: 215  Hard  Cover
ISBN: 9781933864471
Demos   2010
List Price:  $79.00

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Medical Science Books .com Medical book review:

Spinal Cord Injury is a title from the Rehabilitation Medicine Quick Reference Series.  This concise and extremely readable text covers 52 different conditions and another 40+ interventions and more. 

Each page in this reference is carefully laid out and easily searchable.  For each condition, there are explained the following categories: Description of the condition, Etiology/Types, Pathogenesis, Risk Factors, Clinical Features, Natural History, Diagnosis, Red Flags, Treatment, Complications of Treatment, Prognosis, Helpful Hints, and Suggested Readings.

Without a doubt, this is a very handy text that every clinician will want to have in their office for quick reference.

We've included the series foreword and other book information here for your perusal.

Author's Series Foreword:

  The Rehabilitation Medicine Quick Reference (RMQR) series is dedicated to the busy clinician.  While we all strive to keep up with the latest medical knowledge, there are many times when things come up in our daily practices that we need to look up.  Even more importantly... look up quickly.
  Those aren't the times to do a complete literature search or to read a detailed chapter or review article.  We just need to get a quick grasp of a topic that we may not see routinely, or just to refresh our memory.  Sometimes a subject comes up that is outside our usual scope of practice, but that may still impact our care.  It is for such moments that this series has been created.
  Whether you need to read about a neurorehabilitation complication or treatment RMQR has  you covered.
  RMQR is designed to include the most common problems found in a busy practice, but also a lot of the less common ones as well.
  I was extremely lucky to have been able to assemble an absolutely fantastic group of editors.  They in turn have harnessed an excellent set of authors.  So what we have in this series is, I hope and believe, a tremendous reference set to be used often in daily clinical practice.  As series editor, I have of course been privy to these books before actual publication.  I can tell you that I have already started to rely on them in my clinic- often.  They have helped me become more efficient in practice.
  Each chapter is organized into succinct facts, presented in a bullet point style.  The chapters are set up in the same way throughout all of the volumes in the series, so once you get used to the format, it is incredibly easy to look things up.
  And while the focus of the RMQR series is, of course, rehabilitation medicine, the clinical applications are much broader.
  I hope that each reader grows to appreciate the Rehabilitation Medicine Quick Reference series as much as I have.  I congratulate a fine group of editors and authors on creating readable and useful texts.

-Ralph M. Buschbacher, MD


From the Publisher:

"A spinal cord injury (SCI) profoundly changes a personC Us life and can affect nearly all of the bodyC Us systems. Practitioners managing persons with SCI must treat the medical complications that arise, and be equipped to help their patients return to a productive integrated life within society. Spinal Cord Injury: Rehabilitation Medicine Quick Reference provides the necessary knowledge to help facilitate this process. Addressing over one hundred varied topics related to spinal cord injury, ranging from Treatment of Vocal Fold Paralysis or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders to Intrathecal Pump Management and Paraplegia, this text is a handy reference for the busy practitioner. Presented in a consistent two-page format for maximum clinical utility, the book is organized into three sections. The first covers the medical and psychological conditions associated with spinal cord injury; the second discusses common interventions; while the last outlines expected functional outcomes.

Features of ""Rehabilitation Medicine Quick Reference"" series titles include:

  • Comprehensive coverage of all important topics in PM&R
  • Multi-specialty editorship and authorship
  • Chapters are organized into succinct facts, presented in a bullet point format
  • Laid out for easy look up by syndrome, complication and treatment
  • Focus on clinical management provides readers with hands-on, practical guidance for all types of interventions and therapies
  • Consistent approach allows readers to know exactly where to find the information they need rapidly
  • ""Pitfalls"", ""Red Flags"", ""Complications"", and ""Helpful Hints"" help guard against unwanted sequelae

Table of Contents:

"Conditions: Airway Issues: Tracheal Stenosis; Airway Issues: Vocal Fold Paralysis; Autonomic Nervous System Issues: Autonomic Dysreflexia; Autonomic Nervous System Issues: Bradycardia; Autonomic Nervous System Issues: Orthostatic Hypotension; Autonomic Nervous System Issues: Spinal Shock; Autonomic Nervous System Issues: Thermal Dysregulation and Fever; Bladder Dysfunction: Lower Motor Neuron; Bladder Dysfunction: Upper Motor Neuron; Bladder Dysfunction: Urinary Tract Infections; Bladder Dysfunction: Urolithiasis; Bladder Dysfunction: Vesicoureteral Reflux and Hydronephrosis; Bowel Dysfunction: Lower Motor Neuron; Bowel Dysfunction: Upper Motor Neuron; Cardiovascular Issues: Cardiovascular Disease; Cardiovascular Issues: Dyslipidemia; Dysphagia; Endocrine Issues: Glucose Intolerance ; Endocrine Issues: Hypercalcemia; Endocrine Issues: Hypogonadism; Endocrine Issues: Osteoporosis; Geriatric Spinal Cord Injury; Mononeuropathies; Musculoskeletal Issues: Back Pain; Musculoskeletal Issues: Contracture; Musculoskeletal Issues: Heterotopic Ossification; Musculoskeletal Issues: Osteoporotic Limb Fractures; Musculoskeletal Issues: Shoulder Pain;

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