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The Diagnosis of Psychosis
Editors: Rudolf N. Cardinal and Edward T. Bullmore
ISBN 13: 978-0-521-16484-9
Cambridge University Press
List Price: $57.00  Soft Cover  372 Pages

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Description (from the publisher):

Psychosis has many causes. Psychiatrists typically receive a thorough training in its diagnosis, but the diagnosis of psychosis secondary to non-psychiatric conditions is often not emphasized. An understanding of the underlying cause is important so that effective management programs can be implemented. The Diagnosis of Psychosis bridges the gap between psychiatry and medicine, providing a comprehensive review of primary and secondary causes of psychosis. It covers both common and rare causes in a clinically focused guide. Useful for both teaching and reference, the text covers physical and mental state examination, describes key investigations, and summarises the non-psychiatric features of medical conditions causing psychosis. Particularly relevant for psychiatrists and trainees in psychiatry, this volume will also assist neurologists and general physicians who encounter psychosis in their practice.


Practical guides to the psychiatric interview in psychosis, and to special investigations
ICD-10 and DSM-IV diagnostic criteria for primary psychiatric disorders causing psychosis are presented as tables to aid diagnosis and exclusion
Internationally applicable flowcharts cover both classification systems, providing a convenient tool to rapidly reach a diagnosis

Table of Contents:

Abbreviations and symbols
Part I. The Causes of Psychosis: 1. Introduction
2. Methods
3. Delirium
4. Neurodevelopmental disorders and chromosomal abnormalities
5. Neurodegenerative disorders
6. Focal neurological disease
7. Malignancy
8. Infectious and postinfectious syndromes
9. Endocrine disease
10. Inborn errors of metabolism
11. Nutritional deficiency
12. Other acquired metabolic disorders
13. Autoimmune rheumatic disorders and vasculitides
14. Other autoimmune encephalopathies
15. Poisoning
16. Sleep disorders
17. Sensory deprivation and impairment
18. Miscellaneous
19. Catatonia
20. Agitation and bizarre behaviour
21. Primary psychiatric disease
22. Factitious disorder and malingering
23. Multiple simultaneous causes of psychosis, and questions of causality
Part II. A Clinical Approach to the Diagnosis of Psychosis: 24. History and examination
25. Initial investigations relevant to psychosis
26. Putting it together: clinical and paraclinical clues
27. Further investigations relevant to psychosis
28. Classificatory approach for psychosis of unknown aetiology
29. Conclusion
30. Appendices
31. References

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